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    What is DAC advantage for short range interconnection
     Jan 08, 2020|View:641

    What is DAC? DAC is abbr for Direct attach copper cable assembly, it mainly includes 10G SFP+/40G QSFP+/48G Mini SAS HD copper cable assembly. They are used to link the switches/severs in data center in short range.  In this post, I would like to use 10G SFP+ as example.

    Currently, the core switches data transmission rate is 10G per lane. The 10G Ethernet protocol indicates several connection ways, in short range interconnection : 10GBase-CR / 10GBase-T / 10GBase-SR.

    · 10GBased-CR works with 10G SFP+ Copper cable assembly.

    · 10GBase-SR works with 10G SFP+ optical transceivers.

    · 10GBase-T  works with CAT6 Cables.

    See image below, let's make a comparison for these three ways. You will see that 10GBase-CR has lowest cost and low power consumpition -- high cost effective!

    But 10GBase-CR has limited application length, currently up to 15M, which is shorter than application length of 10GBase-T and 10GBase-SR. So in 15M range, try to use more DAC products, for high cost effective. TOR(Top of rack) and MOR(Mid of rack) switch is the place you need to consider using DAC!

    The experts are thinking about increasing DAC application length, up to 50M, 100M. Let's looking forward the new technology coming soon...

    What is DAC advantage for short range interconnection

    Introduce Shenzhen HTD's 10G SFP+ DAC:

    HTD’s SFP+ DAC are high speed, cost effective alternative to fiber optics solution in 10Gb Ethernet, 8Gb Fiber channel and Infiniband applications. SFP+ DAC enable hardware OEMs and data center operators to achieve high port density at low cost and reduced power requirement. HTD SFP+ DAC meets the industry MSA for signal integrity performance, can also customize based on special require.

    Product Features:

    · MSA SFF-8431 compliant

    · Supports serials data rates up to 10Gbps

    · Hot pluggable

    · High cost effective to Fiber optics solution

    · Low power consumption

    · Enhanced EMI suppression

    · Differential impedance 100ohm


    · Switches, Severs, Routers and Hub

    · Enterprise storage


    · 10G Ethernet(IEEE802.3ae)

    · 1/2/4/8GFC Fiber channel

    · Infiniband: SDR(2.5Gbps)、DDR(5Gbps)、QDR(10Gbps)