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    Mutual transmission alliance to the world
     Jan 08, 2020|View:761

    In late August last year, oppo, Xiaomi and vivo, three domestic mobile phone manufacturers, announced the establishment of mutual transmission alliance to solve the problem that different brands of mobile phones in the Android camp cannot transfer files to each other.After getting through the mutual transmission function, the three brand mobile phone users can freely transfer pictures, files, songs, installation files, video files, even folders without additional applications, cellular network or Internet connection. After the success at home, the mutual communication alliance now begins to go abroad and move towards the world.


    It is reported that the name of the alliance in the overseas market is called the peer-to-peer transmission alliance. The transmission standard used by the three manufacturers is called "mobile point-to-point fast transmission protocol", and the English name is mobile direct fast exchange. This protocol is based on WiFi P2P transmission and Bluetooth ble broadcast to realize search and transmission, and then provide users with cross platform, high-speed, stable and zero traffic local file fast transmission experience.

    It is reported that the protocol can support file mutual transmission including picture, music, document, video, compressed package and other specifications, with the maximum speed of 20MB / s. When using this function, users do not need to install another app. After both sides turn on WiFi and Bluetooth functions (i.e. mutual transfer function), click the required transfer file to search for contacts and select to send.