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    Three performances of BNC RF connector
     Jun 25, 2021|View:744

    BNC RF connector is a common RF terminal coaxial cable terminator, which consists of a central pin, a jacket and a card holder. It is commonly used in RF signal transmission, including analog or digital video signal transmission.

    Three performances of BNC RF connector

    The three important performances of BNC RF connector are impedance, frequency and VSWR.

    1. Impedance, the characteristic impedance of BNC RF connector is 50 Ω And 75 Ω There are two types. Many models of BNC RF connectors have 50 at the same time Ω And 75 Ω Two types of specifications and models. Usually 50 Ω BNC RF connector is best used in high frequency and high performance products; seventy-five Ω BNC RF connectors are mostly used in low frequency products, with frequency less than 4GHz, especially in consumer electronic video. Customers should choose the BNC RF connector according to their own products.

    2. Frequency. Every BNC RF connector has a frequency application range. Customers should know the working frequency of their products to select the connector. The selection of the connector whose working frequency is lower than the demand will affect the electrical performance of the whole equipment; Or choose expensive high-precision high-frequency connector, resulting in waste. It should be noted that the application frequency of connectors designed by different companies is quite different, and the application frequency of inferior products is far from meeting the industry demand standard. Therefore, when selecting the connector, it is necessary to confirm the electrical performance description of the product.

    3. VSWR is one of the most important performance indexes of BNC RF connector. It is the measurement standard of the return quantity of measurement signal from the connector. It is a vector unit, including amplitude and phase components. The VSWR of the same type of connector is different in different application frequencies. Generally speaking, the higher the frequency of application, the higher the VSWR. If you want to know the vwsr of BNC RF connector at a specific frequency, you can ask the manufacturer.