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    Three Kinds of Coaxial Cable Connector Interfaces
     Jul 15, 2021|View:130

    There are three kinds of coaxial cable connector interfaces -- threaded connection, bayonet connection and push in self-locking connection. The choice of interface type connector is generally determined by its purpose. Of course, electrical and mechanical performance requirements must be met. Here are several common coaxial cable connectors.

    Three Kinds of Coaxial Cable Connector Interfaces

    1) BNC coaxial cable connector adopts bayonet connection. It is mostly used for RF connection with frequency lower than 4GHz. It is widely used in the field of network system, instrument and computer interconnection.

    2) TNC coaxial cable connector adopts threaded connection. Its interface is similar to BNC.

    Similarly, it has a wide frequency band, can be used at 11GHz, and has excellent performance under vibration conditions.

    3) N type coaxial cable connector is a kind of small and medium power connector with threaded connection mechanism, which has the characteristics of strong vibration resistance, high reliability, excellent mechanical and electrical performance. The impedance is 50 Ω and 75 Ω. The frequency can reach 11GHz. It is usually used in area network, propagation network and test instrument.