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    The Growth Market Demand for RF Antenna Cable Connector
     Oct 28, 2021|View:330

    The RF antenna cable connector must correspond to the wire on the wire pressing terminal of the electric heater to avoid short circuit accident. Ceramic materials and similar materials that are not tightly sintered shall not be used as additional insulation or reinforced insulation. The main reason is that similar materials often have holes or bubbles in the material during firing. If it is put into a humid use or storage environment, the performance of the material will be affected. If similar materials are to be used as additional or reinforced insulation, they shall be soaked in red medicine to analyze whether they are tightly sintered. It is not because of the brittleness of this material. Brittleness or non brittleness is a subjective judgment. Generally, if we can pass the impact test, we can probably think that it meets the requirements of mechanical strength.

    The Growth Market Demand for RF Antenna Cable Connector

    The development prospect of China's connector Market in the future is very good. With the continuous migration of electronic manufacturing service providers around the world to China, China is gradually becoming the world connector manufacturing center, and the production and sales of connectors will continue to grow steadily. Although the connector is not the core of all kinds of products, it is an indispensable supporting role. Without connectors, all kinds of equipment can not be effectively connected, let alone form a whole and give full play to its effectiveness. In the foreseeable future, the market demand for connectors will continue to grow, and the technical requirements for connectors in relevant industries will be higher and higher.

    The importance of coaxial connectors in electronic systems is often underestimated. Using cheap connectors often costs a lot in the end. Choosing the wrong connector will bring a lot of trouble, such as system non * * normal operation, rework and maintenance, and loss of customers. This shows how important it is to select a suitable connector for the electronic system. In fact, not only the connectors in the electronic system can not be underestimated, but all the devices used in the connectors can not be ignored. The service life of the connector has become a measure of its reliability, so improving the service life of the connector has also become a design orientation.

    The metal components in a good RF antenna cable connector should be able to keep the physical state unchanged within a certain temperature, so as to ensure its high performance. It is generally specified that it should be able to withstand up to 200 degrees and a minimum of minus 65 degrees. The influence of humidity on RF antenna cable connector is the influence of water. Because water is corrosive to metal components and has certain conductivity, which can reduce insulation, the component material of the connector must be the one with the least impact of water. The RF antenna cable connector shall be able to work normally for at least 96 hours under the relative humidity of 90% - 95% and the temperature of about 40 . Salt spray is the salt contained in water, which can produce chemical corrosion to metal components and affect the electrical performance of RF antenna cable connectors.

    RF antenna cable connector is generally considered to be an element installed on the cable or on the instrument as an electrical connection or separation element of the transmission line. RF antenna cable connector is a mechatronics product, which mainly acts as a bridge.

    The actual electrical performance depends on the performance of the cable, the contact of the cable, the geometric size of the connector, the contact of the inner conductor, etc. The maximum frequency of the coaxial line must be the maximum service frequency of the weakest element in the transmission line, because it depends on all elements rather than one element. For example, the service frequency of a connector is 10GHz, the service frequency of the cable connected to it is 5GHz, and the maximum service frequency of this component is 5GHz. The combination of all factors determines the use frequency of the whole transmission line.

    The processing methods of various components in the manufacturing process determine the mechanical and electrical properties of RF connectors. While considering the mechanical properties, the quantity and scale of production should also be considered. It is very important to study the reasons why a specific performance fails to meet the requirements. This analysis helps to avoid the next error.

    On the other hand, the smaller the RF connector, the more difficult it is to manufacture, the higher the manufacturing cost, and the worse the accuracy and error. In future industrial applications, there will be an increasing demand for small, excellent and cheap electronic components.

    Selection of RF connector

    1. The selected RF connector shall conform to the frequency range actually used.

    2. Generally, the electrical performance of straight RF connector is better than that of bent RF connector, which can be selected according to the actual use.

    3. The selected RF connector shall have a small standing wave ratio.

    4. The selected RF connector shall have small insertion loss.

    5. The selected RF connector should match the impedance of the matched RF connector or cable.

    6. The EMC of threaded RF connector is better than any bayonet and push-pull RF connector.

    7. When there are im requirements, the material and coating of RF connector shall be considered.

    8. When the general RF connector meets the requirements, high-performance RF connector shall not be selected.