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    How many types of BNC jack connector are there?
     Nov 25, 2021|View:361

    BNC jack connector is a very common RF terminal coaxial cable terminator, also known as Q9 head in the industry. It is the most common coaxial cable connector in security monitoring engineering and audio and video engineering. BNC plug is also a standard coaxial cable connector. BNC cable connector must be connected to both ends of each section of cable. It is generally used in video monitoring engineering and network engineering to realize anti-interference connection from equipment to cable or from cable to equipment.

    How many types of BNC jack connector are there?

    Type of BNC jack connector

    1. BNC wiring is divided into cold pressing type, extrusion type, assembly type, compression molding type and rotary type according to the connection form.

    2. BNC circuit boards are divided into nut fastening, screw fastening and welding according to the connection form.

    3. BNC adapter: it is mainly used to transfer BNC female connector to various other connectors.

    4. BNC connection type: it mainly connects BNC female head to BNC female head or BNC male head.

    For BNC jack connector

    Although there are many classifications, the uses are the same in most cases, as follows:

    1. BNC jack connector is used for RF signal transmission, including analog or digital video signal transmission, amateur radio equipment antenna connection, avionics equipment and other electronic test equipment connection.

    2. BNC jack connector in the field of consumer electronics, the BNC jack connector for video signal transmission has been replaced by RCA terminal. Through a simple adapter, RCA terminal can be used on equipment with only BNC jack connector.

    3. BNC jack connector is mainly used to connect workstations and other systems that require high scanning frequency. At present, it is also widely used in communication systems, and often used to transmit audio / video signals in high-end monitors and audio equipment.

    Incidentally, how to consider the quality of BNC jack connector:

    1. From the surface of the product, it is better if the coating is bright and delicate. The higher the purity of copper, the brighter. Some products are bright but iron.

    2. Generally, only bayonet spring and tail spring are made of ferrous materials. The clamp, pin and casing are made of copper, and other parts are made of zinc alloy.

    3. Scrape off the surface coating to see the material, which depends on the specific situation. Scrape off the coating on the surface with sharp tools such as blades to directly see the material, and directly compare the product material by scraping off the coating of clamp, pin and shielding sleeve.