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    Five minefields of using SMA connector assemblies
     Jan 28, 2022|View:303

    Improper use of SMA connector assemblies will lead to wrong test results, while on the other hand, poor quality or worn SMA connector assemblies will damage the interfaces of other expensive instruments and cables. Therefore, be careful with lightning protection in daily use of connectors.

    1. Use the wrong SMA connector assemblies or SMA connector assemblies

    2.4 mm connector cannot be mixed with 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA connector. Improper use will cause permanent mechanical damage. The faulty connector needs to be discarded in time, otherwise it will affect other equipment connected to it. For example, the male connector of the bias pin will damage the inner conductor of the female connector connected to it.

    2. Screw the SMA connector assemblies by hand

    Screwing the connector by hand will lead to poor test results. The following figure shows the repeatability test results of S21 phase of a real 1.85 mm connector. Since the torque wrench is not used, the phase result jumps at 30 GHz. The following data table compares the measurement errors in detail - the higher the frequency, the greater the error.

    Five minefields of using SMA connector assemblies

    3. Is to use the wrong torque wrench to screw the SMA connector assemblies

    The third big minefield is to use the wrong torque wrench to screw the connector. The reason for using torque wrench is to ensure that the force applied by each connection is the same, that is, the same tightness every time, so as to obtain repeatable measurement results and ensure that the connector will not be damaged due to excessive force. Therefore, due to different sizes, materials and properties of different connectors, different torque wrenches need to be used. The following table is for your reference.

    4. Incorrect use of torque wrench to tighten SMA connector assemblies

    Sometimes, the torque wrench is selected correctly, but the connector is still damaged. Why? Very simple, your method is wrong. Yes, the method is very important. For example, the position and angle of the torque wrench, etc. Among so many connectors we just mentioned, 1.0 mm connector is particularly fragile, so it is more necessary to strictly follow the operating steps when connecting. 

    5. Put the SMA connector assemblies together for storage and management

    At the scene of some users, we found that we put all the connectors in one box. The advantage is easy access. However, the problem is that each time you look for a connector, you need to search in the box. The connector will collide, which is easy to cause mechanical wear. The change of size will affect the impedance, resulting in the decline of performance; It may even eventually lead to damage to the connector. Therefore, we recommend that the connectors be stored separately. If it must be gathered together, you can find a piece of anti-static material, dig some grooves according to the size of the connector, and put the connector in separately. In this way, it is clear at a glance, easy to access, and can also protect the connector from damage.