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    Human Resource Strategy

    Geelink sticks to the concept of People-oriented, thinks much of developing talented people, calls for conducting oneself before working. Geelink provides every employee with fine salary, welfare, ideal working environment, wide space for self-developing, and equal opportunity for promotion. The promotion or relegation will depend on their working attitudes and achievements. 

    Geelink is establishing and perfecting its policy of human resource exploration, developing, and accessing. A favorable atmosphere of equal competition, solidarity, and striving to success, is extending in Geelink Every member is able to find a right position for himself and achieve his value of life in this big family.

    HR Policy

    Continuous Learning

    Whatever your level or position in our team, learning and development is largely supported from the day you begin with us and continues throughout your career. Our Introduction Programme helps new team members understand our corporate culture and strategies, the kind of business we are in and what is expected of them. All of the learning options available to our team, including internal and external programmes, are accessible through a comprehensive database. In addition, staff can visit the out inter web, an open-plan area which houses a comprehensive collection of multimedia learning resources.

    Community Learning 

    Effective learning is just as much about communicating with and learning from others, which also can promote the development of people and the company. To facilitate this, besides series Member Clubs,we also arrange series Learning Seminar and so that everyone can have a chance to hear and learn from fellow teammates and visiting professionals. We also base our Inter Route on the web that encourages employees to directly contribute to the process of bettering business operations.

    Career Development

    At Geelink, we endeavour to create and foster a development culture within which staff are encouraged to increasingly take responsibilities and ownership for their career development. Through planned programmes such as self-assessment, staff-assessment, career planning workshops, career coaching and continuous learning, staff can set themselves realistic career goals and plans.

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